Halcyon Fracture

The Beginning - Entry #001
Every Adventure Must Start Somewhere

The Majares Stronghold

Haydares/Keldash: they both have a tooth that can add one to their fortitude rolls.

Amon Haydares • Starting Experience: 800 xp

Raggar Keldash • Starting Experience: 600 xp

Adventure Start

The party begins in Travinsburg, a small village after beating a small dragon-led robbery clique. The town is thrilled with the party’s success in taking out the threat, but the gratitude of the town is the only reward given. The party reunites with Alek Vandershrek, a human ranger, with whom Haydares has some history. They also join with another Dragonborn, a fighter by the name of Crono Blackfire.

The town offers the party free lodgings. Fortunate, as both Haydares and Keldash appear to have lost their goods after returning to the town. Crono joins with the party, as he’s been having difficulty interacting with the town (as a result of the recent dragon-related difficulties). Alek joins seeking new adventure, finding that he’s rather bored in the town (having spent recent time dancing with zombies in a nearby graveyard). Crono, after starting a ruckus in the nearby tavern, is naked and whining for attention in the prison. Alek is there for disturbing the dead.

Keldash and Haydares enter the town hall, and are informed by the mayor that Alek is in the prison below. For a 5 gold fee, it is offered to free him (but he will be Haydares). Alek is freed on Haydares’ dime. Haydares is given two silver pieces to take Blackfire off their hands.

  • Haydares: down 5 gold, up 2 silver (95g, 2s)
  • Keldash: no change.

Now, the party is fully formed. Crono is fully characterized at this point as a whiny bitch. In order to keep Crono in the party, they are told that they must take him out of the city. The nearest town that we’re aware of is called Oslington, and it is three days away. The road is well traveled, and it’s generally free of dangers.

On the first day, the travelers manage to move 30 kilometres, leaving them about two days away from the next town. After exchanging the watch over the night, every player manages to get extended rest. The night is uneventful. After cleaning up the campsite, they begin to head out again towards Oslington. In the distance, a massive form moving draws your attention. However, none of you are capable of recognizing what the gargantuan beast actually is.

Vandershrek decides to try to light the grass on fire, due to his bipolar disorder switches his alignment. However, the grass is wet, and his attempt fails.

As we get closer to the town, we can see a setup in a field to the right. It is the size of a small village, and we can see the smoke from several fires. The structures, strangely, appear to mostly be tents. The inhabitants seem to be dwarves, and some of them seem to be working in a guard capacity. After some inspection, Haydares notices that the dwarves have set up what appears to be a large-scale encampment. Some are cooking (for what appears to be a large number of beings), while others seem to be working on armours. Vandershrek elects to sneak into the village, overhearing that some dwarves are dissatisfied with their current situation. Some undetailed “delays” are the issue. He returns to his party in order to inform them.

Keldash decides to take the direct approach, walking up to the guard and getting their attention. Keldash proceeds to successfully convince the guard of his good intentions and manages to get the group into the camp; the guard offers to take them all to the leader of their group.

Upon their entrance, Blackfire loudly proclaimed “Where the dwarf bitches at?” However, to his disappointment, only male dwarves populated the camp. Approximately 50 of them in number, and they appear to be preparing for war.

The party enters the leader’s tent, and the leader enters through a second entrance a moment later. The walls are lined with books, artifacts, and maps. The guy in charge of the elves in revealed to be elf. Vandershrek clumsily attempts to seduce the elf, before realizing to his dismay that the elf is male. The elf apparently took no notice of his efforts, instead making his way to the other side of a small table. Blackfire notices that there’s some strange circular objects and scrolls in the tent, with ancient text on them that he cannot recognize.

The elf is somewhat intrigued by the group. Blackfire initiates the conversation. The elf offers to explain the situation, but requests to hear the party’s story. Blackfire immediately begins to explain his recent imprisonment, going on for a moment about the “despicable nature” of the townsfolk, before Keldash intervenes and overtakes the explanation.

After the explanation is complete, the elf (who goes by the name of Elessar) explains the situation: him and two other scholars have been employed by a dwarf warlock. For four months , they’ve searched for a dwarf castle – at great personal expense of the dwarf warlock. Elessar comments that the level of expense on this mission is startling, stating the mission must have cost “generations” worth of funds.

Curious, Keldash asks as to why such a mission would require such a large military force. Elessar admits he’s unsure as to why, but states he assumes that the reason is that it’s to keep bandits from attacking the camp. Seeing that Keldash appears to have the situation in hand, Blackfire leaves in order to strike up a conversation with the grunt dwarves. They appear to be particularly genial to his presence. They were apparently all paid “half a lifetime’s wage” by the dwarf warlock for this mission.

After asking about why the castle is so important, the elf is uninformative. The castle was owned by the Dorstead bloodline, and their armies. The warlock was highly eager to find the castle. The claim to fame of the castle was that it held out a nine-month siege. However, one commander attacking the castle (described as “otherworldly”) managed to bring the castle down.

When Keldash asks as to the location of the castle, the elf brightens. Apparently, a sizable chunk of the dwarf force is currently away at the castle. He mentions that there’s significantly more tents then a force of fifty people would require – approximately thrity dwarves have left for the castle.

In the meantime, Blackfire is busy convincing the dwarves that Travinsburg is an awful, awful place and they should steer far away from it. The party of thirty dwarves that left the camp have been missing for eighteen days, says Elessar. This is strange, considering the trip should have taken no longer than a week. When asked as to why the camp is so far away from the castle, he explains that rumours of dangers around the castle and strange happenings led to the decision of the party to keep their camp a safe distance away from it. Apparently, nobody has ever successfully recaptured the castle.

In the meantime, Blackfire is convincing the dwarves to play a small gambling game. They bet a small amount each, and Crono manages to get 10 gold out of the dwarves. However, a small disagreement pops up when a dwarf that beat Blackfire demands a container of alcohol in his bag to repay the debt. He also takes four daggers that the Dragonborn had in his possession. Keldash, back at the discussion, asks about the other two scholars. One is apparently still in the camp. (The warlock is with the group going for the castle, and his name is Farbir Bofzak). Along with the warlock is the third scholar. The names of the other two scholars are Valandil and Cyrodin. Valandil is still in the camp, but at the moment he is sleeping.

Elessar proposes that the party goes out to the castle and locate the missing exploratory group of 30 dwarf warriors. Also, for Elessar’s personal gain, he requests that the party bring back intriguing pieces at 500 gold each. He claims to be a collector, as he gestures at the surrounding artifacts in the tent.


  • Gains 250 xp (850 xp)


  • Gains 150 xp (532 xp)


  • Keldash (Level 1): 850 xp
  • Blackfire (Level 1): 532 xp
  • Haydares (Level 1): 800 xp
  • Vandershrek (Level 2): 1xxx xp

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